From Edge Computing to Edge Intelligence

Report Title: From Edge Computing to Edge Intelligence

Time: 2019-12-22 8:30

Location: Yifu Building 202

Content of report:

With the development of deep learning technology and the popularity of smart terminal devices, it has become an inevitable trend to run deep learning applications on smart terminals. Existing computing models based on independent terminals and cloud collaboration cannot achieve real-time and efficient execution of deep learning applications. Therefore, a new type of computing framework and related optimization mechanism need to be designed to support the intelligent application of the terminal. This report mainly analyzes the existing deep learning acceleration mechanisms and application deployment models, elicits the concepts of edge computing and edge intelligence, and discusses the research hotspots of edge intelligence and some current preliminary attempts.

Speaker profile:

Dongfang, Ph.D., professor and doctoral supervisor of Southeast University. He is currently the director of the Big Data Computing Center of Southeast University and the deputy director of the Computer Engineering Department of the School of Computer Science and Engineering. He is also the co-chair of the ACM Nanjing Chapter and the secretary-general of ACM SIGCOMM China. The main research direction is cloud computing and big data processing. As the project leader, he presided over 2 national key research and development plan projects / sub-projects, 3 national natural science funds, 1 prospective joint research project of Jiangsu Province, industry, university, and research institutes. A number of national projects such as the scientific and technological research plan. Participated in the large-scale AMS physics experiment led by Professor Ding Zhaozhong, and completed the construction of the Cloud Computing Center of Southeast University and the AMS Scientific Data Processing Center (AMS-02 SOC) of Southeast University. He has published more than 60 papers in international and domestic core journals and academic conferences such as TSC, TII, Infocom, ICPP, etc., and has served as guest editor and invited reviewer of important journals such as IEEE TMC, TSC, TII, TSMC, TCC, WWWJ, CCPE, etc. Contributor, Chairman of the CBD2013-2018 Program Committee of Previous International Conferences on Cloud Computing and Big Data.